California Democratic Party Moves to Endorse Proposition 1

Measure will add the right to an abortion explicitly into the California State Constitution

LOS ANGELES – Today, the California Democratic Party moved to formally endorse Yes on Proposition 1, the initiative that will add abortion rights directly into the California State Constitution. 

“The California Democratic Party stands strong in our support for Proposition 1 because we believe in preserving confidential, unrestricted access to affordable, high quality, culturally sensitive health care services, including abortion and access to contraception,” said Rusty Hicks, California Democratic Party Chair. “California must remain steadfast in our ability to offer critical health care – like abortion – because everyone deserves to make such personal medical decisions on their own, no matter where they live or how much money they have. California leads the way to ensuring access to reproductive health care remains a reality for those who need it most and we urge voters to say YES to Prop 1 this fall.“

Proposition 1 will explicitly add the right to an abortion to the California State Constitution to ensure that, in California, the right to an abortion is a fundamental right of Californians and it is afforded the strongest protections available under the law. This would be consistent with existing state rights to privacy and equal protection. Prop 1 will also protect how a person decides to use contraceptives and establishes guardrails that allow a person to make the choice themselves on how to use or refuse contraceptives, based on their individual needs. 

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