Yes on 1 Activist Toolkit

Thank you for joining the fight to protect abortion rights – we need your help now more than ever!


The conservative Supreme Court is undermining the right to an abortion, resulting in states across the country banning access to safe, affordable reproductive health care, creating insurmountable challenges to many communities.

We need to act now to ensure abortions remain safe and legal in California. Important healthcare decisions should be left to a person and their provider, dictated by  science and evidence based medicine – not political agendas.

Prop 1 will add the right to an abortion directly into the California State Constitution to ensure that, in California, people continue to have the power to control their own bodies and personal decisions.

Toolkit Instructions

Between now and election day we need to make sure that in California there is overwhelming support to protect abortion rights. 

Please use the content on this page to help spread the word about our campaign, post on all your social media channels, and talk to your friends and families about the importance of keeping abortion a health care decision to be made between a patient and their medical provider.

Facebook Profile Frames

Use one of our Facebook Frames to customize your social media profile pictures. 

To use these frames on Facebook, click on your profile picture and select  “update profile picture” and then select the prompt “Add Frame”. In the search bar, type in “Protect Abortion Rights” and select the frame you wish to use. 

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Social Media Page Cover Photos

Download any of these images and upload them to Facebook or Twitter to use as your cover photo.

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Zoom Backgrounds

Save these backgrounds onto your computer and upload them to Zoom so you can use them as your virtual backgrounds. 

Social Media Graphics & Posts

Yes on Prop 1 social media posts are all available in downloadable formats to share and re-share across personal pages. For your convenience you can retweet our content or share our Instagram or Facebook posts directly to your stories with the click of a button. 

Check out our Social Media Kit to share our content!

Here are some sample posts you can use to help spread the word about Prop 1:

  • With Federal protections for abortion gone, California is stepping up. By voting  #yesonprop1, we can guarantee the right to an abortion and access to contraception in our state constitution.  This November, let’s protect reproductive freedom now and for future Californians.

  • California must remain a leader for reproductive rights. This November, vote #yesonprop1!

  • In California, we believe that reproductive decisions should be based on scientific fact– NOT politicians’ agendas. Vote #yesonprop1!

  • #Prop1 keeps reproductive health decisions between a patient and their medical professional, keeping politicians OUT of the doctor’s office. Vote #yesonprop1 in November!

  • How and when to have a family is a personal decision– and no politician should get a say! This November, vote #yesonprop1 to enshrine reproductive freedom in the California State Constitution. Let’s make sure that personal medical decisions are based on facts– NOT political agendas.

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