Senate Constitutional Amendment 10 Passes the Assembly, Moves to Ballot for Voters to Decide in November

Measure would amend the California State Constitution to explicitly prohibit interfering with individual choices on reproduction

Sacramento – Today, Senate Constitutional Amendment 10 today passed out of the Assembly and will be placed on the ballot for voters to weigh in on this fall. 

The measure would amend the California State Constitution to explicitly prohibit interfering with individual choices on reproduction. It would ensure a fundamental right to abortion and would also protect access to birth control. While these rights exist under the Constitutional rights to privacy and equal protection in California, the recent Supreme Court ruling shows that we must explicitly outline these rights in the California State Constitution to protect access to care. 

“As we continue to navigate unprecedented times, this swift and decisive action from the California State Legislature to pass SCA 10 will bring us one step closer to ensuring generations of people will have access to abortion and birth control here in California,” said Jodi Hicks, President & CEO of Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California. “I want to thank the leaders of both houses who made SCA 10 a priority, protecting a person’s right to personal decisions about their own reproductive health and futures. Our state must continue to meet this moment – as millions now look to us for the essential health care they want and need.” 

The measure will specifically safeguard the right to obtain an abortion prior to fetal viability. It also protects the right to obtain an abortion after fetal viability if medically necessary to protect a life.

“Abortion is health care, and should be a private discussion between a patient and their health care provider,” said Pro Tem Atkins. “When politicians and judges force themselves into that room, safety goes out the window. Friday was a dark day. Today, we provide a ray of hope by enabling voters to enshrine reproductive rights in our constitution, reflecting California’s values and protecting all who need abortion, contraceptives, and other reproductive care in our state.”

“With the court punching holes in constitutional protections, our rights are in free fall,” said Speaker Rendon. “SCA 10 is our opportunity to turn to California voters – who have strongly supported abortion rights – and let them enshrine this crucial right in California’s Constitution. I am proud to be its joint author.”

The measure will now be added to the list of other qualified initiatives and voters will cast their ballots on the issue this fall. 

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