Their lies are intended to fool voters

Sacramento – A week ahead of Election Day, voters should not be TRICKED by the lies the opponents of Proposition 1 are spinning. Instead, voters should have the facts and TREAT Californians to abortion protections in the State Constitution.

MYTH:        Proposition 1 will allow abortions up until the moment of birth. 

FACT:         Abortion’s “up until birth,” is an inaccurate characterization. Abortions later in pregnancy are very rare and typically occurs as a result of complications in the life or pregnancy of a pregnant person. Proposition 1 simply codifies existing law into the California State Constitution. Prop 1 is consistent with existing state constitutional protections and law, which provide for the right to choose an abortion prior to viability or to protect the pregnant person’s life or health. Prop 1 will not change that. Prop 1 would safeguard these rights from future attacks, like those being made right now in other states across the country. 

MYTH:        Proponents of Prop 1 left out the word viability to secretly allow for later abortions 

FACT:         The American College of Gynecologists and Obstetricians describes viability as a “…confluence of multiple complex factors, only one of which is gestational age. This complexity, which is different for each pregnancy, is best evaluated and managed within the context of a trusted relationship between a patient and their clinician.” Complicated medical terms DO NOT belong in the California State Constitution but should stay with a person and their provider. 

MYTH:        Proposition 1 will result in thousands of out of state patients needing abortions flocking to California and will cost taxpayers 

FACT:         The California State Legislature passed, and Governor Newsom signed more than a dozen bills that expand access to abortion and increase funding for health centers treating patients. Proposition 1 simply adds the existing law into the California State Constitution and does not have any associated cost. In fact, the non-partisan legislative analyst’s office has said that the measure has “no fiscal impact.” 

MYTH: California doesn’t need Prop 1 

FACT: Now, more than ever, we need to explicitly add the right to abortion and to use or refuse contraception directly to the State Constitution. The U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling this summer made it clear that our current right to abortion cannot be left up to the Courts. . We can’t go backward in California, so we need Prop 1 to ensure that politicians and judges don’t control reproductive rights in the future. 

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