United States Senators Feinstein and Padilla Join California Constitutional Officers in Support of Proposition 1

Sacramento – Today, United States Senators Feinstein and Padilla join California Constitutional Officers in support of Proposition 1. 

Proposition 1 will explicitly add the right to an abortion to the California State Constitution to ensure that, in California, the right to an abortion is a fundamental right of Californians and it is afforded the strongest protections available under the law. This would be consistent with existing state rights to privacy and equal protection. Proposition 1 would ensure that regardless of who or what party controls the government or the courts in the future, a person’s right to an abortion is protected in California.  

“For nearly 50 years, Americans relied on the legal principle set by Roe v Wade that allowed individuals to make their own reproductive health decisions,” said United States Senator Dianne Feinstein. “Access to abortion is no longer federally protected and is under attack across the country. This is why we desperately need Proposition 1 in California. The measure will enshrine the right to abortion in the state constitution and ensure that reproductive health care remains accessible to all.” 

“For nearly half a century, Roe v. Wade has guaranteed countless women the freedom to make decisions for their own bodies and futures,” said United States Senator Alex Padilla.  “The recent Supreme Court decision has taken that freedom away, but Proposition 1 will enshrine the right to an abortion directly into our  State Constitution, protecting this fundamental right for all Californians and for all those who travel here to receive abortion care. I urge Californians to join me in support of Proposition 1.”

“I support Proposition 1 because abortion is health care and health care decisions should be made with provider who can give expert guidance,” said California Lieutenant. Governor Eleni Kounalakis. “In California, we have long made access to health care – including reproductive care like abortion and contraception – a priority. This measure is critical to protect access to care for those who need it most.”

“I’m proud to support Proposition 1 because abortion is health care and in California, we protect access to care for everyone,” said California State Controller Betty Yee. “This measure recognizes that reproductive rights are economic rights, eliminating any barrier to prevent women from freely and fully participating in the economy. California, the fifth largest global economy, understands and embraces this.”

“When the conservative Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, California sprung to action, working to enshrine abortion rights into our State Constitution,” said California Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond. “I support Prop 1 because California must stand strong and protect access to reproductive health care, like abortion and contraceptives. We have always been supportive of reproductive freedoms and that must continue with Prop 1.”

“Access to affordable, comprehensive reproductive health care, including abortion, allows people to plan their lives and achieve their dreams,” said Ricardo Lara, California State Insurance Commissioner.  “Prop 1 protects access to the care that will give individuals and families the freedom to make those choices, which is why I’m proud to stand with such a broad and diverse coalition to support Proposition 1.”

“By adding the right to an abortion directly into the California State Constitution, Prop 1 will ensure that  California won’t go backward,” said California State Treasurer Fiona Ma, CPA. “Decisions about abortion and contraception are challenging and personal and I support Prop 1 so that those decisions can stay between a person and their health care providers.” 

Prop 1 will also protect how a person decides to use contraceptives and establishes guardrails that allow a person to make the choice themselves on how to use or refuse contraceptives, based on their individual needs. 

For more information, please visit YesOn1CA.com 

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